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About Us

We are pleased to address you and also introduce our company SOINCO FENIX LTDA. With over 30 years in the market we can deploy our specialties in three major sectors : Division of Reconstruction of electrical machinery, Machines and Tools Division and also recently joined the Commercial area. SOINCO FENIX consists of a team with vast experience in the areas mentioned to be our main objective is to meet the needs of our clients, incorporating front-line equipment and infrastructure and quality machinery to deliver optimal service in each of our processes.


Our mission SOINCO FENIX LTDA.Is a company dedicated to the reconstruction services, Maintenance of electrical and mechanical parts manufacturing.


Our vision is focused on satisfying our customers and our employees in order to deliver service excellence and position as a leader in our field throughout the country


Sociedad Industrial y Comercial Fénix Limitada.

Avenida Golfo de Arauco nº3658 Parque Industial Coronel

Coronel - Región del Bío-Bío - Chile

Fono/Fax: (+56) 041 2751787 - Fono: (+56) 041 2751668

Email: contacto@soincofenix.cl

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Reconstruction of Electrical Machines Division

Machines and Tools Division


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